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Basic Actions

Basic actions in Rubber Boom: giving order to workers, collecting rubber, crossing over bridges. This video covers all the basic actions to play Rubber Boom.

Shooting Snakes and a Bandit

A short video on how to shoot anaconda. It's not easy to shoot an anaconda. You should aim at the head. This video shows how to do it correctly. Also shows how to shoot a bandit.

Using Spells

A short video that demonstrates collecting totems and using spells.

How to Start a MP Game

This video demonstrates how to start a multi-player game, from the screen of the inviter It's a "Multiplayer on the Same Map", and a "One Year" game. Video also shows the initial multi-player tutorial.

Playing Fire Ants Enterprise

Starting Fireants enterprise. Fishing near the waterfall, killing snakes, collecting totems; and unfortunately fire ants kill one worker.


Piranhas enterprise has many unique features. You property is divided by a river full of piranhas. Also fish spells, and a cave.

Lost City Of Z - Starting

Around the hut, there are five platforms, on which the upcoming relics will be placed. The area beneath the river is very limited and you should find ways to access the areas up the river and return back to the hut.

Lost City Of Z - Relics

Demonstrates grabbing a relic. And in addition, there are other tasks, such as fishing near the waterfall, using some spells, shooting bandits and snakes.