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The Game Restarts After Sent to Background

This is a common problem for all applications. Especially after the iOS7 update, the applications fail to continue after sent to background. Rubber Boom manages to keep alive in background when no other application is opened.

Connection Broken in Multiplayer Game

Multiplayer game is played over Game Center. The quality of the connection depends both on your internet connection and Game Center traffic load. The connection problems may occur due to these two sources. You can do the following:

  If you and your friend are in the same location use Nearby option while starting a multiplayer game.
  The longer you play, the more likely the connection will be broken. If there's a problem in your internet connection or Game Center, consider playing One Year Game.

Login to Game Center Doesn't Appear When Starting the Game

There are a couple of reasons for this. The most obvious reason is; your internet connection may be temporarily down. And sometimes Game Center may be temporarily inaccessible. If the problem continues for a long time. Such as, more than one day; you may encounter the three times cancel phenomenon.

While starting Rubber Boom, or any other game, when logging to Game Center, if you tap Cancel three times; iOS quits asking you to login to Game Center. The solution is, to login to Game Center manually, by using the system App; Game Center.


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