Tools & Resources

Rubber Boom became possible by the help of the following tools and resources.
Thanks to everyone who contributed them.

We are very lucky, that developing really good games with a very small crew, is possible now. Ten years ago, we didn't have tools and resources as today. Even creating images, sound and music were very expensive. Here, I would like to emphasise the tools and resources that made possible to develop Rubber Boom.

Xamarin Monotouch

The joy of coding C# on iOS
Xamarin Monotouch

Mono is a free and open source project led by Xamarin to for creating multi-platform software.

We use Monotouch since 2011, for our games and other applications. It's unbelievable, but Monotouch enables you to use good old .NET data storage and access features. You can use the same C# methods, properties and events almost seamlessly.

I have a deep respect for Objective-C fans, but as a long-time C# fan, I'm very happy to continue with my favorite tool. If Monotouch didn't exist, creating Rubber Boom will be almost impossible.

Thank you Xamarin guys!

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ExEn Game Framework

A brilliant game framework created by Andrew Russel

Andrew Russel is an extremely intelligent software developer living in Australia. In 2011, he started to develop an XNA port to different platforms, such as iOS, Android or even Silverlight. When I was on the crossroads to choose a way to port my WindowsPhone game to iOS, I came up with different choices. And I decided on starting with Andrew's ExEn and I didn't regret a moment.

ExEn is like a well crafted clock that works precisely and flawlessly. Andrew did an enormous job to create the most successful XNA port and many people including me used his framework to port their games to other platforms.

Unfortunately, Andrew had to stop further developing ExEn mainly because of the high work cost needed. But even in this current state, ExEn is a wonderful tool to port your XNA game.

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At last!! Quality vector creations with reasonable price

In my first game, Volcano Island I used iStock for royalty free vector designs. It was expensive. I spent lots of money for a few images.

Shutterstock was better. They have a monthly subscription program which is not sky-rocket, but still expensive. These figures are acceptable for advertisement agencies who need lots of images daily and have lots of money to throw away.

But, in game development, you only need a couple of images daily. All I needed a cheap subscription with a few daily image downloads.

Depositphotos is the fastest developing royalty-free image library. They pay the contributors better, and also offer cheap subscription programs. We purchased the subscription of 5 images per day for $60 per month. This is just the right thing a game developer needs.

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Sound Rangers

Sound-effects library
Sound Rangers

Rubber Boom contains 170 different sound effects, and most of them are purchased from Sound Rangers. I like the way that the Sound Rangers group and categorize their sound library. They have a simple and clean interface, and it's very easy to listen the complete sound effect.

Some sound libraries have the annoying watermark that makes you impossible to determine whether the sound is right for what you're looking for. Sound Rangers presents their preview version without a watermark, if it's short.

And the prices are very reasonable. Thanks Sound Rangers!

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Royalty free music with reasonable prices

Maybe the most useful resource that makes a quality game possible, is royalty free music. Music is different from sound effects. You don't need to find exclusive sound effects. They're everywhere and the players don't mind if they hear it somewhere else.

Finding exclusive music is very important. To hire a musician and create your own is the best option if you have a big budget. But if your resources are limited, quality royalty free music is the optimum solution.

Premiumbeat is a bit expensive compared to other royalty free music libraries. But it worth the money, not only because of the obvious quality difference; also because of the way they present their content.

Most of the music pieces have loop versions with many variations, short versions and the complete version. You can get them separately, or you may get them all with a package price.

All of our music is bought from Premium Beat. Thanks!

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