What happens during seven years in Rubber Boom?

Rubber Boom starts quiet easy and gets harder as time goes by. The difficulty level changes at new year turns. And the factors that determine the difficulty are quiet simple and deterministic. Number of challenges increase each year. In addition, some extra challenges begin to appear. Here's the complete list of what happens during the seven years of jungle adventure. Of course, only the first three years are mandatory, the others are optional.

  • 1

    Getting Started

    In the first year, things start quite easy. There are lots of food scattered all over the jungle. And these food resources regenerate frequently. There are no quicksands yet and the Indians are not hostile.

    • Maximum 2 Indians and 2 Birds on the same screen
    • Mushrooms regeneratefrequently
    • Up to 10 bandits attack in gunfight

  • 2

    Things Get a Little Bit Harder

    You should practice a little bit to complete the first year. And it takes more practice to complete the second year. When the second year starts, quicksands begin to appear. Your workers die if they step over a quicksand. But more frustrating than that, these quicksands may block your way and you should plan your route and food stock accordingly.

    But there's a good news, you start to find bottles of Cachaça in the jungle. Cachaça is the favorite alcoholic drink in the Amazons. And in the game, this gives your worker a sudden energy burst that doubles his speed for a while.

     Keep in mind that, this is only a game and in real life alcohol is not a substance that gives you power.

    • Maximum 3 Indians and 3 Birds
    • Quicksands begin to appear
    • Cachaça is available
    • Mushrooms regenerates frequently
    • up to 18 bandits attack in gunfight

  • 3

    It's Really Hard to Complete The Third Year

    It needs even more practice and concentration to complete the third year. The major obstacle is that, the Indians become hostile after the second year. From now on, it's not enough to keep away from Indians, you should keep very far away to escape from their spears. You can purchase a contract on the boat to make peace with the Indians.

    And there's a good news, now you have Invisibility Herb. If you grab one of them, your workers become invisible till they return to the hut. This herb makes you completely immune to the pterodactyls, because they cannot see you from up there. And also you're invisible to the Indians and they don't throw spears. But they remain fatal if you touch them as always.

    If you complete this 3rd year, you complete an enterprise. If you choose to go on, you should purchase another year on the boat.

    • Maximum 4 Indians and 4 Birds
    • Invisibility Herb is available
    • Mushrooms regenerate much less frequently
    • up to 20 bandits attack in gunfight
    • Indians become hostile

  • 4

    The Jungle Gets Even More Dangerous

    If you choose to go on playing, things will get harder. But it'll worth it if you want to make leaderboard score, high-score, win medal or unlock an achievement.

    From now on, on each new year, the Indians become hostile. You should live with it, or purchase a peace agreement on the boat. And again there's a good news: Hunger Free Stones. When your workers keep around these stones, they never starve. These stones remain available on the next years, if you go on.

    • Maximum 5 Indians and 5 Birds
    • Hunger Free Stones are available
    • Mushrooms regenerate even much less frequently
    • up to 20 bandits attack in gunfight
    • Indians become hostile

  • 5

    It Requires Real Courage to Go On

    Number of birds and indians stays same in 5th year but food resources are scarcely regenerated. So you should rely on your own ways such as hunting.

    A good thing, you have Food Exchange ability from this year on. This enables two workers share their food. If a worker is low on food, you can send a worker with full food supply. When they meet, they'll share their total food equally.

     Keep in mind that, one worker should stand still to achieve the Food Exchange.

    This rule is set to avoid accidental meeting of two workers.

    • Maximum 5 Indians and 5 Birds
    • Food Exchange is available
    • up to 20 bandits attack in gunfight
    • Indians become hostile

  • 6

    Not for The Faint Hearted

    Beyond this point, things get really hard. You should deal with 6 Indians and 6 Birds at the same time. You should rely on your Indian and Bird spell resources. Consider buying a spell pack from the boat.

    Food Exchange was the last extension. This year, there's no new addition to game elements. Also, you'll observe that the rubber trees are less and less fertile when the years pass.

    • Maximum 6 Indians and 6 Birds
    • up to 20 bandits attack in gunfight
    • Indians become hostile

  • 7

    Rubber Trees Starts to Die

    In 7th year, there's no increase in the number of Indians and Birds, but the jungle is already a hell and you should work harder to harvest even less fertile.

    This is the last year you can play in Rubber Boom. Don't forget that it needs real gaming experience, patience, nerves to complete 7 years. Do not try till you have all. Also you'll need around 1.5-2 hours of undisturbed gaming time.

    • Maximum 6 Indians and 6 Birds
    • up to 20 bandits attack in gunfight
    • Indians become hostile


Here are some key changes you see in different years. Click on the thumbnails to see the full image.