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Giving an Order not Terminating on a Rubber Tree

When giving an order to a worker, when you pull back your finger, the final is adjusted by snapping it to a rubber tree or the hut. This behaviour works for you most of the times. But if you don't want to finalize your order on the rubber tree, don't pull your finger yet. Just wait for a while, and the order will be finalized without snapping to the nearest rubber tree.

Most Profitable Rubber Amount

The more rubber you collect, the more profit you get. You can get the optimum income if you collect over 500 units of rubber.

You can refer to Selling Your Rubber section of the manual for more details.

How Fertile is a Rubber Tree?

When you tap the wallet on the upper right of the game screen, you see the tree inventory in detail. But if you are deeply concentrated on the game, this action slows you down.

Instead. you can tap on a single rubber tree. The fertility level of the tree will be displayed for a couple of seconds. Most of the time, that's quite enough.

When the Plane Lands...

What happens when the plane lands and you still have rubber left to be collected on the trees? If you're not careful enough, you may end up leaving them in the jungle.

When the plane lands, your brother waits all the workers to return to the hut. When all the workers are in the hut, he takes off for Manaus. So, if you plan to collect all the rubber left, you should always leave a worker outside the hut. In this way, you can suspend the take off as long as you want.

But also, keep in mind that, you can't tap trees while the plane is waiting for you, so there's no point in wandering around if all the rubber is collected and delivered to the hut.

Skipping Animation

The animations, such as cash counting on boat, death animation etc., are fun to watch for a couple of times. And sometimes, they give you a relief in the middle of the struggle.

But later them may slow you down. Nearly all the animations go away when you tap. For example, the death animations go away when you tap on the magnifier. The substitute worker animation and the countdown terminates when you tap anywhere on the screen.

It's possible to skip the all the animation and the contract purchase, you may tap on Tap Here to Skip Without Buying Anything. But, if you only want to skip the animation but also willing to buy a contract; you can tap on the cash register.

Brazil Nuts

Is buying a contract to discover a Brazil Nut tree a good idea?

In general YES. If you already have the permanent assets: Long Range Guns and Extra Bullets; obviously Brazil Nut tree is the next essential thing.

But if you don't have the permanent assets, you have to choose based on the enterprise and your abilities. For example if you already have enough practice at aiming and shooting, Long Range Guns of Extra Bullets may not be so essential. But if you aren't yet that good, purchasing one of them may be a better idea.

In the Lost City of Z enterprise, 2 Brazil Nut trees are available; and in this enterprise, discovering one or both Brazil Nut trees is a crucial action.

Also inRio Branco, the only Brazil Nut tree is located on a very remote area of the map and discovering it will help you enormously.

Hunting Intentionally

At first, you may hunt deer, anaconda and fish on your way. But hunting intentionally will help you have more options for the upcoming trips to the deep forest.

Reserving a worker most of the times for hunting is a very good strategy. If you operate with 3 or 4 workers, this strategy works even better. Better yet, if you have the Long Range Guns, this approach will make your trips easier.

You assign a worker for hunting by letting him wander around the hut with a loose order. And when a game animal approaches, shoot it. The food will remain there for the next trips.

Fishing Intentionally

As an extension to the approach mentioned above, fishing intentionally will help you enormously

For example in Welcome to Amazon enterprise, there's lake on the upper right side of the hut. You can assign a free worker to go and fish. When you shoot one, leave it there for the next trips. Of course, don't fish just under the fish. You know that you instantly eat the fish you shoot when you're just beneath it.

This strategy works also in Rio Branco, Fireants, Piranhas and Lost City of Z.

Turtle Eggs

Turtle eggs are considered as good eating in the Amazon. The best part is, they appear on the riverside beach and you don't have to hunt for them. The downside is, they do not appear very frequently.

In a enterprises, there are fix places that the turtles leave their eggs. Turtles come at random intervals and leave eggs on a random vacant place.

For example, if there's only one vacant place to leave eggs, it's certain that the next turtle will leave her eggs there. If more than one place are available, one of them will be chose randomly.

So here's the strategy : Don't eat the eggs unless you need them. The next turtle may appear on that useless location instead of appearing on the one that's really needed.

Before the Gunfight and New Year





Swimming the River in Piranhas Enterprise





Take a quick look to the Tips & Tricks and you'll discover some magical details to help you achieve more in Rubber Boom. There are lots of tools not documented or displayed on the screen. This is done to reduce the information clutter, and ease of use. Try these tips and tricks to enrich your gameplay experience.

You may discover new approaches to acquire quantum leap performance in Rubber Boom. You may also use combo-strategies by combining them.

If you have your own strategy not listed here, you can share it with us and we can add the list with your name as a contributor.

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