Special Thanks

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” ― Isaac Newton

Apart from the tools and resources in general, I'd like to thank some of the contributors specially. We used hundreds of royalty free vector designs, hundreds of sound effects and a couple of music pieces.

It's not possible to refer all the contributors. Apologies for those I failed to mention here. I'd like to all the creative people who contributed to Rubber Boom.

Music of Rubber Boom

The Music of Rubber Boom

There are totally 5 musical themes in Rubber Boom. When you first play the game, you see the Intro, and the music you here there is Silent Jungle composed by Junhak Lee. And when you close the intro, the Start Screen welcomes you with Into the Jungle composed by Serge Essiambre

During the game, loop pieces of Dance Of The Baobabs composed by Rimsky for whom I couldn't get any detailed information.

The music you hear while you sell your rubber to the captain, is Happy Pianist composed by Sergei Stern.

When you complete an enterprise and while you return to Manaus by your brother's airplane, you hear Azteca which is composed by Josquin des Pres.

Thanks to all these five composers...

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