You can also find dozens more in each enterprise page...

Welcome Screen - Here Starts the Fun

Welcome Screen

here starts the fun...

Start Screen - Choose Your Enterprise over the Amazon Map

Start Screen

choose your enterprise over the Amazon Map

Choose an Enterprise - Browsing Your Diary

Choose an Enterprise

browsing your diary

Fireants Enterprise - Just Starting

Fireants Enterprise

just starting...

Your House in Manaus - Indication of Your Wealth

Your House in Manaus

indication of your wealth

Starting Lost City of Z - Remembering Percy Fawcett

Starting Lost City of Z

remembering Percy Fawcett

In Trouble? - Trapped in the Middle of Danger

In Trouble?

trapped in the middle of danger

Don't Miss the Help - You may Learn Useful Details

Don't Miss the Help

you may learn useful details

Buying Contracts - May Help you Survive the Jungle

Buying Contracts

may help you survive the jungle

Learn the Backstory - Check the Intro

Learn the Backstory

check the Intro

Lost City of Z - Discovered the Lost City of Z

Lost City of Z

discovered Lost City of Z

Lost City of Z - Lost City in the Jungle

Lost City of Z

lost city in the jungle

Piranhas - Starting the Game


starting the game

Piranhas - Killed by Piranhas


killed by piranhas

Rio Branco - Trusting the Brazil Nut Tree

Rio Branco

trusting the Brazil Nut Tree

Rio Branco - Killed by Pterodactyl

Rio Branco

killed by pterodactyl

Fireants - Fireants at Large


fireants at large

Fireants - Watch the Fireants!


watch the fireants!