The Rules of the Game

Easy to start, hard to master...

It is the beginning of the 20th century. Amazon Forest is the center of attention for the giant industrialists . Rubber is very important for car tires and textile products. And the only source is the Rubber Trees, only found in the Amazon Forest.

Since Rubber trees are randomly scattered in the deep jungle, collecting rubber means a great challenge against wild animals and starvation.

The Worker in Rubber Boom

Rules are very simple: "Collect rubber and sell it to the passing boats." In the meantime, be careful with the wild birds, indians, snakes and many other challenges. Plan your route according to your food reserve and look for ways to get additional food on the way.

Always remember! Starvation is your worst enemy in the jungle.

An Order Across the Bridge

As seen in the figure above, you can monitor your food level via the vertical bar. The rubber amount you carry and your remaining bullets are displayed top-left of the worker.

The worker can carry limitless amount of rubber. This is not very irrational, because rubber is very light and the rubber collectors could carry large amounts of rubber.

You should bring the rubber you collected back to the hut. If the worker gets killed while carrying rubber, the rubber is lost forever. Also, before the bandits attack to your hut, the workers should deliver the rubber in time. If not, they drop their rubber. The same is valid before the new year.

Normally, each worker is given 6 bullets while leaving the hut. But if you purchase Extra Bullets contract from the boat, or if you grab the In-App-Purchase, permanent asset, the worker has 9 bullets.