Permanent Assets

All is fair in love and war

Permanent Assets are optional add-ons to your arsenal in your struggle in the wild jungle. There are two permanent assets available: Long Range Guns and Extra Bullets. Both are available on the boat and you can purchase it by your game money. But you should purchase it every time you play. When you purchase permanent assets, you own them forever.

Rubber Boom - Permanent Assets

The Permanent Assets are simply In-App Purchases that you can purchase on the main screen of the game. As seen on the image above, the Permanent Assets are displayed on the lower left corner of the screen. Initially you have none; if you wish to add one, tap on the box.

Permanent Assets - Long Range Guns and Extra Bullets

For this version, we have two Permanent Assets: Long Range Guns and Extra Bullets. By tapping the item you wish to purchase and following the instructions, you obtain the asset.

Long Range Guns is worth $4.99, and Extra Bullets is worth $1.99. Which one is more useful? Well it depends on your strategy. Also, these purchases of you will contribute us seriously to produce many more beautiful games in the future. And we'll very much appreciate your contribution.

Long Range Guns - $4.99

Normal guns have a certain range. It's a serious limitation in gunfight, hunting and defending yourself. Especially, when you're experienced enough with the gun, you'll be able to aim and shoot even from the farthest distances. And this ability may enable you to earn thousands of dollars. So it's wise to purchase the Long Range Guns contract on the boat. But the drawbacks are:

You should wait for the first boat to come
You may not earn the amount needed till the first boat
Only one contract purchase is available for each boat visit, so you'll spend this opportunity for Long Range Guns

Extra Bullets - $1.99

While leaving the hut, your workers are given a fixed amount of bullets. This amount is sufficient for most cases. But especially in some enterprises, you should penetrate the jungle deeper to find fertile rubber trees and you should hunt every possible game animal on the way.

Extra Bullets contract is also available on the boat, but the drawbacks of purchasing it on boat are the same as those of Long Range Guns.

Permanent Assets - After Being Purchased via In-App Purchase

Which One?

So which one is more valuable? As the price suggests, Long Range Guns extension is a very powerful toy. You can shoot all game animal just in front of your hut - if you're good at shooting. An additional advantage is at the gunfight when the bandits attack to your hut. You don't need to wait till the bandits approach to the hut to shoot them.

On the other hand, Extra Bullets extension is very useful when you go far away from your hut to harvest fertile rubber trees. In all enterprises, there are enough food resources if you know how to hunt. So you need lots of bullets to spend large amounts of time in the jungle. Not just for hunting, also for defending yourself from bandits and anacondas. Another advantage of Extra Bullets is the additional ammo while defending your hut from the bandits in gunfight.

Both assets are available when you're playing a multiplayer game. If you have one of them, or both, you'll have a great advantage over your opponent. An unfair one? Well maybe, but all is fair in love and in war.

Keep in mind that, like all In-App Purchases, Permanent Assets are yours forever. If you purchase another device, or you reset your iPad, you can always get them back by tapping Restore Purchases button.

After you purchase permanent assets, they are displayed on the main screen. And also you're reminded of their existence on the game screen, just below the calendar.