A little bit of competition...

Leaderboards of Rubber Boom are built on maximum profits of individual enterprises. Each enterprise has its own leaderboard. And there's a Rubber Boom Hall of Fame leaderboard, which is simply the total score of all leaderboards combined. Even if you only play the free Welcome to Amazon enterprise, you can appear on two leaderboards.


Rubber Boom Hall of Fame

The total point collected from all the below leaderboards.
These 6 leaderboards are simply the high-score of each enterprise

Welcome to Amazon

As this is the enterprise for free, competition is high. You may consider playing more years to get ahead.

Deep in Jungle

It's not a difficult enterprise to complete, but also hard to earn a fortune.

Rio Branco

Among all the enterprises, this one is the hardest to pile up a fortune.


Hard to play but likely to pile a large amount of income thanks to fertile rubber trees.


Lots of fertile rubber trees if you can handle a river full of piranhas.

Lost City of Z

In addition to lots of fertile trees, there's also the bonus if you discover the Lost City of Z.