Jungle Book

Flavors of Rubber Boom game

Some characters and items of Rubber Boom are available just from the start of your game, some appear later when years pass. And some are only available in specific enterprises. Here, we give a snapshot of what's waiting you in the game. After you complete an enterprise, you can browse all the Jungle Book items on he left of your diary.

Catching Fish

A sustainable way of coping with hunger is to catch fish. They're abundant and nutritious. But, it's not easy to catch them. Use your gun to catch fish. If you come closer to fish, it'll be easier to shoot.

Fish is available in the river, lakes and waterfalls. When you shoot a fish, it falls just to the ground, so you should go and collect it. The best way is to wait just under the fish, shoot it and it'll fall over your worker.

  Available in all but Deep in Jungle

Giant Anaconda

Anacondas are the largest snakes in the world. In the game, one species is edible, the other is not. But they're both poisonous and fatal.

The green one is edible, the reddish one is not. You can shoot the anacondas by targeting the head. Also, only the head area is fatal for the worker.

  Available in all but Welcome to Amazon


Extremely dangerous, fast growing and always hungry. They also block your way through fertile rubber tree areas.

Unfortunately there's no way to destroy them, just walk around them. The fireants group around their molds. The area they cover changes in time. Sometimes small, sometimes large. So the available path around them always changes. Fireants eat your food. Try to grab the food before them.

  Available in Fireants enterprise.


Quicksand may appear out of nowhere in the forest. You're informed by a "Beware!" shout before a quicksand appears. You should walk around these natural traps.

Quicksand is also used as a trap for your beloved opponent in multiplayer games. While starting, you're given 1 Quicksand Trap, and you can buy additional ones on the boat. You can block your opponents favorite path, block a fertile rubber tree, or even kill her/his workers if you're accurate while using it.

  Available in all but Welcome to Amazon


The infamous nightmare of the Amazon! A group of hungry piranhas can eat a whole cattle in a few minutes. In this enterprise, you property is divided by a river full of these monsters.

Be careful while you cross the river. Or you can use Fish Spells. You're given 1 Fish Spell while starting. You can get additional ones by grabbing Fish Totems or buying on the boat.

  Available in Piranhas enterprise.


The old inhabitants of the Amazons know a lot of mystic spells. As you become familiar with the jungle, you tap into their knowledge. The spells become available when you collect totems scattered all over the forest and they are accumulated in a magical stone hung on the top right corner of the screen.

There are 4 types of totems: Indian Totem, Bird Totem, Forest Totem and Fish Totem. For details, see Spells and Totems.

  Available in all enterprises.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nut trees are tremendous sources of food, but they are hard to spot in the jungle. You can buy the guidance of an indian to discover one which you can obtain on the boat.

Brazil Nuts are quite different from other food sources. You can go under a Brazil Nut tree, just like you tap a rubber tree; and your food level becomes maximum. But after that, the tree should renew itself for a time. And after that, you can use the tree again.

  Available in Deep in Jungle, Rio Branco and Lost City of Z.


Cachaça is the most popular drink of Brazil. If your workers find a bottle of it, their speed is doubled for a while

Bottles of Cachaça starts appearing all over the jungle, after the second year of your enterprise. Doubling your speed is an enormous advantage but also this speed may make you misjudge the route for moving dangers such as Pterodactyls.

  Available in all enterprises after the second year

Invisibility Herb

A magical herb that makes you invisible to birds, bandits and indians. Once you get it, it's effective till you return to your hut.

Keep in mind that this herd does not make you invincible. If you step over an anaconda, or touch an indian, you'll die. But the pterodactyls flying over you, don't see you and keep harmless. If the Indians are hostile, again you're safe unless you touch them.

  Available in all enterprises after the third year

Spirit of Stone

Indians of the Amazon have lots of magical secrets. If you stay near these magical stones, you never feel hungry and you never starve.

There are various uses of these stones. For example, you can go and stay till a game animal comes, or you can wait till extremely dangerous situation calms down a little bit. These stones are situated at most remote areas of the jungle, so they may save your life when you're most desperate.

  Available in all enterprises after the fourth year

Lost City of Z

For centuries, there's a legend about a Lost City in the heart of Amazon.

The famous explorer Percy Fawcett was lost while searching for the Lost City of Z. You can finally uncover its secrets.

Collect the 5 relics appearing suddenly in the forest. You should be quick to grab it before disappearing.

  Available in Lost City of Z

Indian Spell

Indians don't bother you if you don't bother them. But if they block your way, you can use indian spell to send them to their village immediately.

In real Rubber Boom times, property owners killed Indians in numbers that can be regarded as genocide. At least in our dream world, in this game, we don't harm these peaceful and beautiful people.

  Available in all enterprises.

Bird Spell

Also, you can't kill birds, you just send them away by spells. It's the only way to get rid of the wicked pterodactyls. Use them wisely.

You obtain Bird Spells by collecting Bird Totems, but also you can buy on the boat. Using all spells is the same, choose the appropriate spell by tapping the magic stone. Drag and drop to the location you want.

Bird Totem is the most abundant totem in the jungle

  Available in all enterprises.

Forest Spell

This spell creates a bunch of mushrooms instantaneously. You should choose a proper place of course. Even magic can't grow mushrooms on water.

Forest Totem is rare and hard to find.

  Available in all enterprises.

Fish Spell

The fish spell paralyses the piranhas for a while, so you can cross the river with peace of mind.

Use the Fish Spell wisely, in order to paralyse multiple piranha groups. Also determine the most useful path for your strategy.

Fish Totem is extremely rare, but you can buy them on the boat.

  Available in Piranhas.


You can use the underground passages that the gold prospectors built earlier. But, one way only: to the Hut.

  Available in Piranhas.