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General F.A.Q.

Can I Play Rubber Boom for Free?

The first enterprise; Welcome to Amazon is completely free. You can play it countless times with full functionality. You can play multiplayer, compete via leaderboards and achievements. The remaining five enterprises can be purchased via In App Purchase.

Can I Save My Game?

Unfortunately no. Especially after the iOS7 upgrade, the application restarts when another application is opened. Saving the game would be a useful tool. This feature will be added in the next updates of Rubber Boom.

How Long Does It Take To Complete an Enterprise

It takes around 30-40 minutes to complete 3 years and complete an enterprise.


What are the food sources?

You're given 20 units of food while leaving the hut. In the forest, the easiest way of getting food is picking the mushrooms and turtle eggs. Beyond these, you should hunt your food. You can hunt deers, anaconda and fish. An additional food source is Brazil Nut Tree.

For how many years can I play?

You have to play for 3 years to complete an enterprise. After the three years, you can extend your game up to totally 7 years.

What's the Bonus When the Game is Completed Successfully

If you complete the game successfully, a quarter of your money is granted to you as a bonus.


How Many Players Can Play in a Multiplayer Game?

For this version, you can only play two players game. For next versions, we plan to enable multiplayer games of more than two players.

What are the Differences of two Different Multiplayer Games?

In Score Based game, you don't share tha same map. The food resources, rubber trees, totems, and all other resources are separate. Is it identical to playing Single Player games at the same time, and comparing the scores. On the other hand, in Play on the Same Map game, as the name suggests, you play on the same map; share nearly all the resources.

Should Both of us Purchase the Enterprise to play Multiplayer?

No. Only one player should purchase the enterprise.

Which Resources are Shared in Play on the Same Map Game?

Rubber trees, food sources, totems, foods, Cacha├ža bottles, herbs are common elements. On the other hand; Indians, pterodactyls, bandits, anacondas, fish, deers are separate. When a player kills a deer and other game animal, it becomes a food source and it's a shared resource.

Should We Play 1, 2 or 3 Years Game?

It depends on how experienced you are and how much time you have. In multiplayer game, there's no game over, i.e. you'll play full-time you choose at first. If you're novice, you'll have problem enjoying 3 or even 2 years of adventure, because it'll be too challenging. We recommend choosing a One Year Competition. Also, keep in mind that completing 3 years takes around 30-40 minutes and saving your game is not possible, so consider how much uninterrupted time you both have.


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