There are 6 enterprises to play with
and each one has unique features

Welcome to Amazon

easy to start but yet challanging

You are just starting a rubber enterprise in the heart of the Amazon jungle. Your property is located near a small tributary of Rio Negro, not far away from Manaus.

Good luck.

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Deep in Jungle

meeting the anacondas

Your next enterprise is located deep in the jungle, thousands of miles away from any kind of civilization. In this enterprise, you'll start to confront giant anacondas as well as the other challenges

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Rio Branco

snake infested hell

Located near the Bolivian border, Rio Branco was in the middle of the conflict between the traditional rubber-tappers and the multinational companies. In Rubber Boom times, this snake infested region was famous for its harsh environment.

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they're really hungry

In addition to wild birds, indians and hunger, now you face the challenge of the infamous fire ants. Unfortunately, there's no way to destroy them, so you should walk around the fireant molds.

Good luck! You will need it!

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monsters of Amazon

Your territory is divided by the river full of blood thirsty piranhas. It's well-known that a group of piranhas can eat a whole cattle within minutes. You can discover blind spots not populated by piranhas, or you can use Fish Spell to immobilize these wild beasts for a while.

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Lost City of Z

following the traces of Percy Fawcett

For centuries, there's a legend about a lost city in the heart of Amazon. In 1925, famous explorer Percy Fawcett disappeared while searching this legend which he called Lost City Of Z. Maybe you can discover something more important than rubber.

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