Welcome to Amazon

Your first step into the jungle

Welcome to Amazon is the first enterprise created during the development process. For a long time, the development and the tests were carried through this enterprise.

Welcome to Amazon is the easiest enterprise of all; also it contains a built-in tutorial mechanism. And it's totally, 100% free.

Welcome to Amazon

Welcome to the Amazon Jungle... Your property is located on Rio Negro, a large tributary of the Amazon river. Manaus town is just located on the confluence of Rio Negro and Amazon. Most of the land lies on the upper side of the river, and a small portion lies on the lower side. These areas are connected via two rope bridges. There's a lake on the upper-right area.

Welcome to Amazon - Rookies Start Here

Rookies Start Here

If you're new to Rubber Boom, we recommend you to start from Welcome to Amazon. One reason is that, it's completely free. You can purchase other enterprises if you loved playing Rubber Boom. Another reason is; that this enterprise contains built-in tutorial.

The principal rules of Rubber Boom is fairly simple: tap rubber trees, collect the rubber when accumulated enough, deliver it to the hut, and sell it. But 'simple', doesn't mean 'easy'. So you'll need lots of skills to stay alive and make profit. So, starting with a tutorial is a very good idea.

Steampunk Style Tutorial Frame


There are mainly three types of tutorial:

   Whole Screen Tutorials; are like movies that teaches you to do certain tasks, such as shooting and using spells. This type of tutorial pauses the game. You can watch the whole action; or just skip by tapping Close button.
   Tutorials with Frame; does not pause the game. The area of interest is focused by a steampunk style glass, and a caption. Like the tutorials appear on the first appearance of Indian and pterodactyl. You can dismiss them by tapping on the glass.
   Caption Tutorials; does not pause the game either. The area of interest is pointed by an arrow, and a caption is displayed. These tutorials appear very frequently and can be dismissed them by tapping on anywhere on the screen.

A Movie Style Tutorial : Let's Learn How to Shoot

All these tutorials don't interfere the game much and don't diminish the gaming experience at all. We recommend to keep the Tutorial settings on, till you're competent enough. After that, you can switch it off by using the Settings.

A Special Enterprise

Welcome to Amazon enterprise is kind of different from others. First of all, there are no anacondas and quicksands here. These are removed to keep it simple for the beginners.

Another difference is the appearance of totems. The totems of this enterprise start to appear after the first year is completed. This also is done to distribute the tutorials evenly through the game. Other than these differences, Welcome to Amazon has most of the features that the other Rubber Boom enterprises.

Of course, no enterprise has all the features. For example, fireants only appear in Fireants enterprise. On the other hand, Fireants enterprise does not have any bridges. In Jungle Book, you can see the flavors of Rubber Boom.

The Lake of Welcome to Amazon

Totally Free?

Yes, Welcome to Amazon is totally free. No bullshit, no time limit, no ads, no nagging to purchase other enterprises and permanent assets. You can also play multiplayer, unlock achievements and compete in leaderboards.


Some screenshots taken while playing Welcome to Amazon enterprise.
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