Rio Branco

Infested by snakes, surrounded by Amazon...

Though there's nothing new in this third enterprise, the gameplay experience of Rio Branco is unique; due to the location of the property.

The property is surrounded by the bending river. Though, there are plenty of rubber trees inside the area surrounded by river; the fertile trees are on the other side of the bending river.

Rio Branco

Located near the Bolivian border, Rio Branco was in the middle of the conflict between the traditional rubber-tappers and the multinational companies. In Rubber Boom times, this snake infested region was famous for its harsh environment.

The first three maps are categorically different from the next three. The first three maps; Welcome to Amazon, Deep in Jungle and Rio Branco has the standard features of Rubber Boom; but have their own characteristics. On the other hand, the next three maps; Fireants, Piranhas and Lost City of Z have their own unique features.

Rio Branco is a hard enterprise due to its strange topography. Most of the land stays inside the bending river; but the fertile rubber trees are on the other side. The two sides are connected by three rope bridges.

Introduction to Rio Branco

The good thing is, there are totally three places for fishing, and lots of turtle eggs. All these food sources may be sufficient to some degree, but you cannot operate functionally unless you discover the Brazil Nut Tree located on the remote upper-right side of the jungle.

The Boat

One of the most interesting features of this enterprise is the arrival interval of the boat. Because of the long bending river, the boat arrives at long intervals to your hut. This may be an advantage if you plan accordingly; or a disadvantage otherwise.

Rio Branco is Hard

Making a fortune in this enterprise is hard. Because of the divided nature of the terrain, it's hard to simultaneously operate multiple workers. On the other hand, you should employ at least three workers to fully tap the potential of the fertile rubber trees. And this makes even harder to get used to multitasking.

If you can handle with these challenges, playing Rio Branco is totally a different experience. Amazon River is everywhere. There are three rope bridges, you keep crossing the river all the time, and this brings an experience that you're living around the mighty Amazon.

Another thing is, the bending river somehow brings the feeling that the terrain is much larger than it really is.

And it's a great enterprise to play a multiplayer game. Don't miss it...


Some screenshots taken while playing Rio Branco enterprise. Click on the thumbnails to see the full image.