Meet the monsters of the Amazon...

Here's a very special enterprise which has many unique features. You'll confront the infamous piranhas of the Amazon River.

Piranhas Enterprise

Piranhas enterprise has many unique features. You property is divided by a river full of piranhas; and there's no rope bridge. In other maps, you cross over the bridges if there's any. But in this map, you swim across the river.

In this map, there's also a mountain, a waterfall, and two lakes; which make the terrain quite interesting.

The terrain is divided quite equally by the river. Even the rubber trees on the same side of the hut is sufficient to make you a living. But the trees on the other side are extremely fertile. If you have good fishing and hunting skills, you can spend lots of time on the other side.

Introducing the Piranha

Swimmable River

The swimmable river full of piranhas makes the everything different. You should build your strategy on the safer parts of the river to cross to the other side.

While swimming across the river, your only enemy is the piranha. You don't starve in the river, pterodactyls do not touch you, and the bullets don't kill you. On the other hand, the boat can kill you, so be careful when the boat is around.

The schools of piranha swim in a periodic rhythm. You can watch their movements, and jump into the river when it's safer. Another solution is to use fish spell that you can obtain by collecting fish totems.

Fish Totem

Fish Totem

Another unique feature of this map is the fish totem. At the beginning of the game, you're given one fish spell, and a fish totem that has a permanent location on the top of the terrain.

Fish totems are extremely rare. You're lucky if one appears in the middle of the jungle. As an alternative, you can buy three fish spells over the board with a reasonable price.

By discovering fish totems, you obtain fish spells. And by using the fish spells, you can paralyze the piranhas. Choose the fish spell by tapping over the magic stone, drag and drop it over the area that you want to paralyze the piranhas. That's it. They'll be harmless for a fixed time and you can safely cross the river.

The Cave

One other unique feature of Piranhas enterprise is the cave. The cave is connected to the underground passages that the gold prospectors built earlier. You can enter the cave and emerge right from your hut. But the reverse is not possible.

The cave is extremely useful. When you successfully cross the river, you don't have to risk your life again. Just use the cave and return safely to your hut.


Some screenshots taken while playing Piranhas enterprise.
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