The Lost City of Z

Is it a myth, or is it real?

Lost City of Z has a unique feature; it contains a minigame. While collecting rubber and making a fortune, you collect the relics to discover the Percy Fawcett's mythological Lost City of Z.

Lost City of Z

The topography of the property is very similar to that of Welcome to Amazon. The river cuts the terrain horizontally. But here, the area beneath the river is a bit larger, and your hut is located in this area.

Around the hut, there are five platforms, on which the upcoming relics will be placed. The area beneath the river is very limited and you should find ways to access the areas up the river and return back to the hut. You'll discover that it's not easy.

There's a waterfall on the remote top of the jungle. There are two rope bridges over the river.

A Relic in the Jungle


There are totally five relics. They suddenly appear anywhere in the jungle; they stay there for a while; and they suddenly disappear. You should get and grab it while it's still there.

Appearance of relics is not very frequent, so don't watch out for them. There's a special sound effect and a guiding message will be displayed, you can't miss it. You should quickly create a strategy to assign the best possible worker at the moment.

When you collect the all five relics, you discover the Lost City of Z; and the Brazilian Government grants you $25,000 as a bonus.

Brazil Nuts

Finding food on the upper side of the terrain is not easy. There's a waterfall on the remote top of the terrain, but the food you'll get there may not be sufficient enough to return to the hut. There are no lakes, and no fish in the river.

If you have the Long Range Guns, and an advanced shooting skill you can shoot game animals from near your hut. But Long Range Guns extension is expensive and it's not likely that you can collect this much amount by tapping the trees on the hut's side of the river.

So, discovering a Brazil Nut Tree is highly recommended. In fact, this map contains two Brazil Nut Trees. Discovering both will be even better, especially if you plan to play more than three years.

In General

Lost City of Z enterprise is extremely fun to play for a couple of reasons. First of all, you try to collect relics while experiencing the other aspects of the game. Also, when succeeded, this brings you a lot of money.

The terrain contains lots of fertile rubber trees. So, if you manage to find means to find food, you can make a large fortune. And when you discover the Lost City of Z, this amount gets even larger.


Some screenshots taken while playing Lost City of Z enterprise.
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