They're hungry, and they're everywhere...

Fireants enterprise has its own unique feature: fireants. There are totally three fireant molds. The ant colonies around the molds sometimes grow larger and sometimes shrink. So, the safe paths change all the time. You should modify your strategy very quickly. Unfortunately, there's no way to destroy these tiny monsters.


Fireants addition is the unique feature of this enterprise; and this alone makes this enterprise a unique experience. But that's not all. The river occupies a small portion of the terrain, so you have a huge area to wander. When you play Fireants enterprise, you really feel that the area is larger than other maps' areas.

As the fireant colonies grow larger around the molds, the trees start to disappear. For most of the time, you see large clear areas which resembles the savannas of Africa. This brings an atmospheric difference from other enterprises, otherwise densely covered with rainforest.

But even when the ant colonies are in their largest state, the remote areas of the terrain remains a dense rainforest. This makes the experience even more stronger. You feel like there are different worlds in the same area.


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In this map, there's a waterfall on the remote left side of the terrain. Besides being very beautiful, you can fish near the waterfall.

Fishing skill is very important in this enterprise. There are many fertile rubber trees around the waterfall and the lake. So if you have enough bullets and a good fishing skill, you can spend a lot of time away from the hut.

The Boat Arrival Interval

In Rio Branco, the boat arrival interval is very long; and in Fireants, it's very short. So again, you should turn into an advantage. There are lots of fertile rubber trees. Work fast, work hard and try to collect as much rubber as possible within these short intervals. If you succeed, you can make a fortune.

As you'll notice, the tiny area left on the other side of the river is totally inaccessible, and useless.


Some screenshots taken while playing Fireants enterprise. Click on the thumbnails to see the full image.