Deep in Jungle

The jungle becomes more dangerous, when you go deeper inside...

The enterprises in Rubber Boom is numbered for a good reason. They keep being harder in each enterprise. Deep in Jungle is harder than Welcome to Amazon for two reason. Here, we have anacondas and quicksands. Also, there's a huge mountain in the middle of the jungle. Additionally, there is no fish in this part of Amazon River, and there's no lake...

Deep in Jungle

The Terrain

Deep in Jungle is an interesting enterprise for a couple of reasons. The river crosses the property vertically, in contrast to horizontal layout of Welcome to Amazon. Most of the land lies on the same side of the hut. The portion left on the other side of the river is accesible by one single bridge.

Only two maps contain a mountain: Piranhas and Deep in Jungle. But the mountain in Piranhas map is not as critical as here. It really changes the experience of the gameplay which makes this enterprise special.

You should plan your route according to the mountain.

The Mountain in Deep in Jungle Map


Anacondas are the largest snakes in the world.In the game, one species is edible, the other is not. But they're both poisonous and fatal. The green one is edible, the reddish one is not. You can shoot the anacondas by targeting the head. Also, only the head area is fatal for the worker.

There's no spell for anaconda. The only way to protect yourself is shooting them.

The anaconda is introduced in this enterprise and is present all the following enterprises.

Brazil Nuts

Another thing introduced in this enterprise is Brazil Nut Tree. Brazil Nut trees are tremendous sources of food, but they are hard to spot in the jungle. You can buy the guidance of an Indian to discover one which you can obtain on the boat.

Brazil Nuts are quite different from other food sources. You can go under a Brazil Nut tree, just like you tap a rubber tree; and your food level becomes maximum. But after that, the tree should renew itself for a time. And after that, you can use the tree again.

The Brazil Nut tree in this enterprise is located just right-side of the mountain, which is the most remote part of the jungle. So, buying this contract is a no-brainer while playing Deep in Jungle. After all, there is no lake and other sources of food in this part of your property.

Introducing Anaconda


And also, you meet the quicksands. Quicksand may appear out of nowhere in the forest. You're informed by a "Beware!" shout before a quicksand appears. You should walk around these natural traps.

Beside being dangerous, the quicksands may block your way, prevent you tap a rubber tree and collect rubber. And the extra steps to walk around them consumes your precious food.

Quicksand is also used as a trap for your beloved opponent in multiplayer games. While starting, you're given 1 Quicksand Trap, and you can buy additional ones on the boat. You can block your opponents favorite path, block a fertile rubber tree, or even kill her/his workers if you're accurate while using it.

Jungle Experience

Deep in Jungle is one of my favorite maps, because you feel yourself just in the middle of the Amazon Jungle. The undivided jungle with huge trees, mossy rocks, the mountain and the smoke make you feel the jungle experience.

You'll love it...


Here are some screenshots taken while playing Deep in Jungle enterprise.
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