My Mobile Devices

Bilgin Esme   June 10, 2014   Design

In this very first article of the Codesmith section, I planned to write a more sophisticated article. But when I've noticed my set of mobile devices, I thought that it would be educating for me and for all, to make an inventory of our mobile arsenal. And contemplate on why we choose them in the first place.

The Set of My Mobile Devices
The Set of My Mobile Devices - Tap/Click to Enlarge

It doesn't matter whether you're a game developer, a designer, a businessman, a student, or just a lazy wanderer. Each one of us travel with bunch of mobile devices.

Einstein couldn't come up with the unified theory, that will combine all the force equations that govern the universe. Similarly, the manufacturers couldn't deliver one magical device that will suffice to all your needs and you'll carry just that.

A Very Large Samsung Galaxy Phone/Tablet

The closest solutions are iPhone cellphones and Samsung Galaxy series tablet/phone hybrid weirdos.

I personally think that, one device for all is a fantasy that will never be achieved. Because life is more complicated that we manifest to ourselves or to others. Each one of us, has different and rather bizarre needs.

For example, I'm used to sleep while listening to audiobooks, even watching some movies before sleep. It's simply impossible to do it with the ridiculously large Galaxy or Lumia phones. After all, they might be crushed under you, when you fall asleep while listening. iPod is the perfect device for bedtime listening, reading and watching.

iPhone on the other hand, is not appropriate for this purpose because of the radiation. And it's too expensive to risk; because there may be minor/major scratches while you're sleeping.

Tablets are today's counterpart of laptops of the previous decade. We used to carry our laptops to everywhere for checking/writing emails. Taking notes, browsing. It's also vital for business meetings. iPad mini is the minimum size to effectively work in most situations. I prefer iPads. I also experienced Android devices, and they're also very good for this purpose.

Rubber Boom on iPad Mini

As you noticed, the weirdest item in this set is the Nokia 8310 cellphone. Let me tell my reasons for this choice:

Smartphone is a clever concept and at first, it's logical to manage everything with one single device. It may be true for most people. But not for me and many others. If you have an iPad and an iPod already; you don't need a smartphone anymore. I do nearly all my communication through email, twitter and Skype. Then why do I need a large, expensive smartphone?

So I started to use my cousin's old Nokia 8310, and I didn't look backwards till then.

The last component of my mobile set is the Vodafone Modem which provides 6GB/month 3G internet access to all my devices.

At this point, one can ask this question: "Why don't you buy an iPhone and share your internet to all your devices?".

The answer is simple:

  • You can't keep the internet sharing on, all the times, there should be a very simple action to start it.
  • There's no simpler way than pressing a button.
  • Sharing internet via iPhone consumes huge battery power
  • Charging Vodafone Vodem is very simple, uses a micro USB pin that's available everywhere
  • Internet packages combined with speech package are too expensive

As a summary:

I use iPod for listening music, audiobooks and movies, and specific applications, and some games. Also it's a test device for our application development projects.

My iPad mini is my major device for work and development. Rubber Boom runs on it. I use it for developing games and for playing them of course. I also like iPad games more than those built for iPod/iPhone, because iPad games are more sophisticated.

Also, iPad mini is my device for business, reading emails, taking notes in meetings. And one more thing, iPad mini is the optimum device for reading e-books. iPod/iPhone is too small. Even, turning pages so often makes me crazy. iPad 2/3 are too heavy to handle the device for longer readings. I didn't experience the iPad air though.

Nokia 8310

Vodafone Vodem delivers the internet connection anytime I need. I don't like to ask for WiFi passwords wherever I go. Most of the times, you get a negative respond. Sometimes you're given a piece of paper with a password of eighteenhundred or so characters which is impossible to write without mistake.

Even you manage to do it, you're directed to other pages to register yourself. And after succeeding that, you're granted a WiFi connection, so slow that you can only check your email messages (only the subjects).

So you need a 3G connection all the time.

When you have all these devices, you need a cellphone for just receiving calls and making urgent calls. So it should be small as hell. You might not notice it; but nowadays, they don't manufacture small phones. So the best option was to deploy an old Nokia 8310 which is small and has a perfect functionality as a cellphone.

I'm very happy that, I've finally found my perfect set of mobile devices which I can carry to everywhere. I wish you find your optimum set for yourself.