Sharing is Beautiful...

It's really hard to develop a good game. Nowadays, game developing is regarded as developing cookie-cutter games, that have different images and sound but keep deploying the same well-known gameplay practices again-and-again. This type of game developing does not demand much.

But if you leave the beaten path, you need lots of qualifications to create your own dream.

This Codesmith section is in fact a blog that I'll share my experiences and secrets for the enthusiast creative game designers.

Vector Rotation for Dummies

June 25, 2014 Coding

The Rotation in Standard Coordinate System and in Ours - Tap/Click for the Whole Story Maybe the title is not very appropriate, because the vector rotation operations are not so simple in nature. You should take a couple of engineering courses to completely understand it.

The bad news is; as a game developer, you should know your math quite well. Now, relax! You're in better hands you hoped for.

How to Reduce PNG File Sizes

June 15, 2014 Design

How to Reduce PNG File Sizes - Tap/Click for the Whole Story In our first game, Volcano Island, which was a much simpler game than Rubber Boom, we came up with large image files that caused the game crash many times. And above all, the application package file exceeded 20BM, which was above the 3G download limit at the time.

My Mobile Devices

June 10, 2014 General

My Mobile Devices - Tap/Click for the Whole Story In this very first article of the Codesmith section, I planned to write a more sophisticated article. But when I've noticed my set of mobile devices, I thought that it would be educating for me and for all, to make an inventory of our mobile arsenal. And contemplate on why we choose them in the first place.