Surviving and Thriving in the Jungle

Surviving and Thriving in the Jungle

It is the beginning of the 20th century. Amazon Forest is the center of attention for the giant industrialists . Rubber is very important for car tires and textile products. And the only source is the Rubber Trees, only found in the Amazon Forest. Since Rubber trees are randomly scattered in the deep jungle, collecting rubber means a great challenge against wild animals and starvation.

Flying Over Amazon Map

Our story begins in England just after the World War 1. You and your brother fought in the war and return back to home alive but losing nearly everything you own. In 1928, you and your brother look for a fresh beginning. You almost have nothing in England and no job at all.

Biplane Landing on River Bank in Amazon

At the same time, on the other side of the world, something spectacular was going on. The Industrial Revolution in Europe led to demand for uses that natural rubber could satisfy. At that time, it was exclusively found in the Amazon Basin. It was Rubber Boom times.

Especially the automobile industry needed rubber in insane quantities which was then only available in the Amazon. The entrepreneurs founding rubber collecting enterprises were making great fortunes in Brazil. The city of Manaus, which was founded in the middle of the jungle, became one of the richest cities of the world. The Rubber Barons, running rubber business in the jungle and living in Manaus started to live luxurious lives.

Rubber Collecting Worker in Amazon Forest

You sell everything that was left and start your journey to Brazil. First to Rio de Janeiro and then to Manaus.

As an ex-pilot and a war veteran, your brother buys a small airplane and starts charter flights over Amazon and settles in Manaus. And you purchase a small property in the jungle and start your first rubber enterprise.

First, you fly to Manaus with your brother's airplane and then your brother takes you to your property in the heart of the Amazon jungle.

After a long journey, you arrive to your property in the middle of the jungle. After completing 3 years of rubber collecting, your brother will pick you up with his airplane.

Good luck!


The backstory is displayed on the intro screen of Rubber Boom. Here are the screenshots.