Collect them all...

There are totally 21 achievements which make exactly 1000 points combined. Some are easy, some are really hard. Even playing on the free Welcome to Amazon enterprise, you can unlock most of the achievements.


First Cut

5 points

When you're a rookie, even the littlest things may be considered as achievement. This little bit of achievement is released when you tap a rubber tree.

First Rubber

10 points

A little bit harder thing to achieve, is to stay alive till the rubber trees yield some rubber. Another thing is to go and collect it while staying alive, and deliver it to your hut.

First Bandit

15 points

Bandits frequently visit your property to rob you. You can run away from them, and you can kill them. If you do the latter, your next achievement is released.

First Game

15 points

Jungle is full of food sources, if you can shoot them. This achievement is released if you can shoot your first deer, anaconda or fish.

First Money

15 points

The next challenge is to stay alive till the first boat comes and sell your first rubber.

First Totem

20 points

If you're a rookie and playing the first map as recommended, you'll confront totems in the second year of your enterprise. So staying alive for one year is really an achievement.

Use Your First Spell

25 points

After collecting totems, the next thing is using them; so it takes another step to achieve it.

First Relic

30 points

Some achievements are enterprise-specific as this one. This achievement is released when you collect your first relic in Lost City of Z enterprise.

First Bronze Medal

30 points

If you collect $25,000 in an enterprise, you get a bronze medal from Brazilian Government; and your first bronze medal releases this achievement.

First Silver Medal

40 points

Similarly, if you collect $50,000 in an enterprise, you get a silver medal from Brazilian Government; and your first bronze medal releases this achievement.

500 Units of Rubber

40 points

At first your goal is to collect rubber. But after you get practice, collecting more rubber becomes an addiction and collecting 500 units of rubber is not so hard.

Complete an Enterprise

50 points

Completing an enterprise is not easy; as it gets harder in each year. And it's a great achievement.

First Gold Medal

50 points

Earning $100,000 is really hard and deserves a gold medal.

Three Medals

60 points

Earning a single medal is already hard, but getting three of them is even harder. Any type of three medals is OK.

1000 Units of Rubber

70 points

Collecting 1000 units of rubber in a year is not impossible if you work hard.

Lost City of Z

75 points

Another map-specific achievement which is released when you discover the Lost City of Z.

Six Medals

80 points

If you get a medal, any medal from all the enterprises this achievement is released.

Complete All Enterprises

90 points

Some enterprises are easy and some are hard, so completing all of them is really a challenging task.

Six Gold Medals

90 points

Getting gold medal from all the enterprises is really hard and it's not for the faint hearted.

Seven Years

90 points

Completing 7 years require gaming experience, patience, stamina and more than 1 hour of gameplay. It's not for everyone.

Million Dollars

100 points

This achievement requires to collect one million dollars from all enterprises combined, and it's really, really hard.