Rubber Boom, Survive and Thrive in the Amazon

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Game Manual

In fact, rules are very simple to start with. And it needs more if you want to get further.

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"Survive and thrive in the Amazon!"
Rubber Boom is a real-time strategy game that takes place in the early 20th Century Amazon jungle.
Establish a thriving rubber collecting business in this fierce environment.

  • One Completely Free Map

    Welcome to Amazon Enterprise is totally free with all the functionality.

  • Multiplayer

    You can play with your friends via Game Center.

  • Leaderboards and Achievements

    Each enterprise has its own leaderboard, and a Hall of Fame leaderboard, which is simply the total score of all leaderboards combined. And there are totally 21 achievements.

  • Tutorial while Playing

    Welcome to Amazon Enterprise has a built-in tutorial which teaches you the game while playing.


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Bilgin Esme - the Developer

The idea of developing Rubber Boom came into my mind in late 2011. At first it was planned as a simple game demanding a couple of months' work. But after the implementation of the basics, the gameplay turned out to be extremely fun to play.

So I added additional features such as; using guns, hunting, totems, spells. Finally, it took more than two years to complete the project. In fact, I don't regard it as a software project; but rather a PhD Research. During these years, I couldn't complete my real PhD on Computer Vision, but Rubber Boom is complete and ready for you, my fellow players.

I hope you'll enjoy Rubber Boom! I loved making it...

Bilgin Esme / Developer of Rubber Boom